You Were Never Really Here

Puck here, again everyone!! Greetings and salutations (Charlotte’s Web reference, no big deal). You Were Never Really HereĀ is a film for the true film fans. It is a thriller by any understanding of movie genres. But it is not a thriller in the sense that mainstream movie fans would come to like. It is a […]

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A Review of The Wailing

Hey Earth terrestrials, Puck here, you favorite alien from . . . Venus, The Wailing is one of the greatest horror movies I have ever seen. I clocks in at nearly three hours long, which nearly doubles every horror movie coming out nowadays. But don’t let the length of the movie fool you. It is […]

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Greetings Earthlings!! Puck from Venus here. Sorry for my extended absense. I have found it very difficult to leave my home planet of . . . Venus, as I have missed it quite a bit. I took a bit of a vacation, but I have kept up with books, music, and movies from Earth, much […]

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Crash Love by AFI

Greetings, again, this time from the 47th moon of Jupitar (much better WIFI I must say). Well after doing a review of the last AFI album, which there are probably as many as there are moons outside of Saturn, which I’ve visited each of. No big deal. But seriously, AFI cannot stop. After Decemberunderground, they […]

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Dave Chappelle – A Review

Greetings from the House of Atreides. I’m on another vacation enjoying the Dunes, eating spicy foods, just living that extraterrestrial life, you know.   This. Man. Is. Incredible!! He is the single greatest comedian of this generation, and that is because he is also one of the smartest. Dave Chappelle is on a “comeback” tour, […]

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