Greetings Earthlings!!

Puck from Venus here. Sorry for my extended absense. I have found it very difficult to leave my home planet of . . . Venus, as I have missed it quite a bit. I took a bit of a vacation, but I have kept up with books, music, and movies from Earth, much to the chagrin of what you would call my “wife” on Earth (she hates movies with subtitles).

To combat this shortage of material, I will enlisting the help of an Earthling that I believe is more than capable of helping transmit my material, and has the technological capabilities to do so. Not very many Earthlings are fluent in the language of . . . Venus, yet I have found one. He is eager to join me, and I am flattered at his praise for my work so far. He will also be adding reviews and editorials as well, in times when I will be out of range of his transmission. So, without further ado, let me introduce Jake Hanson.


Hello readers!!

I am ecstatic that I have been selected by Puck for this task. I assure our meetings involved no probing of any kind, which is a very twisted myth that seems to surround Earth about alien vistors for some reason. Our conversations were educational and revealing, and I look forward to passing along Puck’s work to you the readers of this blog.

I have been granted the amazing opportunity to submit, at Puck’s approval of course, reviews and editorials of my own to the blog, and I hope that they will keep up with the standards that the readers have come to expect from Puck’s great legacy with this blog. I am also the acting liason between any questions, comments, or submissions you may have, so feel free to comment or question anything you like, and I will reach out to my partner and respond as quickly as possible.


Thank you again for reading!!

Jake Hanson


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