A Review of The Wailing

Hey Earth terrestrials, Puck here, you favorite alien from . . . Venus,

The Wailing is one of the greatest horror movies I have ever seen. I clocks in at nearly three hours long, which nearly doubles every horror movie coming out nowadays. But don’t let the length of the movie fool you. It is none stop action from start to finish. I had put off watching it for a long time because of the length of the movie. Big mistake on my part.

If you are looking to lose a few nights sleep, this is the movie for you. Although movies with subtitles aren’t for everyone, at you Earthlings, this one is definitely worth the extra effort. Even you wimp out and watch a dubbed version of it, you won’t be disappointed.

I am not nearly as familar with South Korean film making as I should be. The United States puts out most of the movies the I have written about thus far. Probably because they put out so many that they dominate the market and focus everyone’s attention on them, as per usual it seems.

This is director Na Hong-jin’s third film, which played at the Cannes festival, which is from what I understand somewhat of a big deal. His first film, translated to English, The Chaser won Best Director awards at the Grand Bell movie festival as well as at the Korean film awards. His follow up film, again translated to English for the readers, The Yellow Sea, was also screened at the Cannes festival. So it is no surprise that he is quite adapt at making films of quality.

The Wailing tells the story of a strange Japanese man who moves into a South Korean village, and at the same time a strange virus starts plaguing many in the village. Police officer Joon-goo begins to investigate these strange occurances, and falls deeper and deeper into the horror that has encompassed the village.

This is a wonderful movie not only because of the directing, but the story telling is done in such a way that the audience has no idea what is going on through nearly three hours of the film. When attention spans are shortening, at least in the U. S., that is no small feat. Horror films coming out of the U. S. can usually be guessed within the first thirty minutes of the movie, probably because they run only an hour and a half at most half the time. Anything longer, and the writing seems to dry up and lose focus.

I can not applaude Na Hong-jin enough for his terrific story telling ability in a genre where audiences are looking for a quick scare instead of a story that will make them think and be terrified at the same time. The Wailing is sure to be in my top three horror films of all time, if not number one. It is an amazing thriller and horror movie that will keep you guessing the entire time. Just don’t watch it unless you plan to stick out the entire three hours worth of the movie.

I promise you will not be disappointed.

Puck from Venus, out!!


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