You Were Never Really Here

Puck here, again everyone!! Greetings and salutations (Charlotte’s Web reference, no big deal). You Were Never Really HereĀ is a film for the true film fans. It is a thriller by any understanding of movie genres. But it is not a thriller in the sense that mainstream movie fans would come to like. It is a […]

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A Review of The Wailing

Hey Earth terrestrials, Puck here, you favorite alien from . . . Venus, The Wailing is one of the greatest horror movies I have ever seen. I clocks in at nearly three hours long, which nearly doubles every horror movie coming out nowadays. But don’t let the length of the movie fool you. It is […]

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The Neon Demon – A Review

This movie is a personal favorite of mine, as the style of cinema reminds me of how we told stories on my home planet. Although, we did not have movies per say, but whatever I’m getting distracted.   Ellie Fanning is becoming one of the most talented actresses in the 2010’s. Since her role in […]

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The End of the Tour – A Review

September 12, 2008. The Earth lost one of the most gifted wordsmiths it had ever seen. I imagine that if David Foster Wallace had lived on my planet, which we are calling Venus but is exactly much, much further away, and spoke one of the many many complex languages from there he would have been […]

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Moonlight Review

Another one of my Earth-dwelling friends will not stop hounding me to watch this movie, and last night I finally gave in.   And by the sands of Arrakis am I glad that I did!!   This is the best movie that has been produced on the third rock from the sun in the past […]

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Adventureland Review

I will start off my reviewing with an old favorite. I recently watched this movie again with a human friend of mine that is going through a rough time with a break up and such. This movie is a classic. I don’t know if there is a better example of two people that share so […]

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