Greetings Earthlings!! Puck from Venus here. Sorry for my extended absense. I have found it very difficult to leave my home planet of . . . Venus, as I have missed it quite a bit. I took a bit of a vacation, but I have kept up with books, music, and movies from Earth, much […]

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Crash Love by AFI

Greetings, again, this time from the 47th moon of Jupitar (much better WIFI I must say). Well after doing a review of the last AFI album, which there are probably as many as there are moons outside of Saturn, which I’ve visited each of. No big deal. But seriously, AFI cannot stop. After Decemberunderground, they […]

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Introductory Remarks

Hello!!   As you may already be aware, I am not from your planet. I am what the laymen refer to as an alien. Although I would not define myself with such a term, I understand that it is how all others on Earth would define me. So there you go. I am from another […]

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